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Established by ten enthusiastic and innovative people who dream of promoting Taiwan to the world, Greenjet devoted ourselves to products and ideas that bring life easier and convenient.

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  • 4" Wire Grid Hooks
    4" Wire Grid Hooks

    Display your merchandise in an organized way on your wall or grid fixtures with Greenjet 4" wire grid hooks. Our wire grid hooks are heavy duty and perfect for your hanging items. They help you make good use of the spare space on the wall and can make your products easy to be seen without distracting customers' attention. The grid hooks are one of the most cost-efficient display solutions, thus, if you own a small store or are a beginner who would like to improve the promotional strategies and boost the sales, they are definitely recommended. Our gridwall hooks are constructed of sturdy wire. They are designed for use on our gridwall panel and universal wire grids, of which wires are spaced out every 3". Three basic colors (black, white and chrome) are available. These 4" grid hooks will easily blend with your retail décor and other display fittings.

  • 6" Grid Wall Pegs
    6" Grid Wall Pegs

    Add Greenjet 6" grid wall pegs to your wall grids or grid display to maximize the area where you can make your products eye-catching. Our grid wall pegs attach easily to the grid wall. They are adjustable and removable for displaying different sized products. You can hang them anywhere you like on your grids and customize your display according to your need. 6" wire grid peg hooks are commonly used for holding clothes, packaged snacks, fashion accessories and a variety of hanging merchandise.

  • 8" Gridwall Display Hooks
    8" Gridwall Display Hooks

    Greenjet gridwall display hooks work well with standard wire grid wall and wire grid display. They measure 8 inches in length, providing enough room for display and storage purposes. Our display hooks are designed for small packed goods and most hanging items. 8" display hooks can be adjusted or removed from the panel as needed, thus, if you want to promote your seasonal merchandise or weekly hot sale products, they are the perfect solution. Our gridwall peg hooks are sold in a set of 25. They are available in white, black and chrome finish. Made of sturdy wire, these peg hooks feature long-lasting performance. Beautifully finished hooks will incorporate well with other fixtures and your existing décor. Meanwhile, they can greatly increase the visibility of your products and boost sales.

  • 10" Display Peg Hooks
    10" Display Peg Hooks

    Create your own display with Greenjet 10" display peg hooks. Our display peg hooks can easily attach to your standard wire grid system for holding a variety of small packaged goods. You can make the grid unit suit your retail needs by changing the position of the hooks. You can also store them away when they're not in use. These metal hooks are sold as 25 per pack. Each set not only ensures the versatility and flexibility, but also maximizes the space of your display. Our display peg hooks are constructed of thick wire. They are durable enough to hold different sized merchandise. The beautiful finish makes them look stylish and perfect on the grid walls. The metal hooks will draw your customers' attention from all the direction of the store.

  • Plastic Clip with Silver Hook
    Plastic Clip with Silver Hook

    Greenjet's plastic clip with silver hook is multipurpose and easy to use. They can serve as shower curtain clips in your bathroom or drapery clips in your living room. Our plastic clip with hook is an ideal way for hanging merchandise that fails to hang on hooks such as footwear, socks, home textile and accessories. These hanging clips are lightweight and sturdy that can handle quite a few pounds. They are sold in a pack of 50.

  • Wire Yard Sign Stake
    Wire Yard Sign Stake
    28001 / 28003

    Greenjet yard sign stake is an essential tool for garage sales, flea markets and outdoor events, which are held nearby the ground. Our yard sign stake fits most standard corrugated cardboards and can easily slide into their flutes. Working well with the corrugated signs, our yard sign holders can display the information such as the price, the discount percentage and any advertisement. No tools required for inserting this wire sign stake. The bottom rung of the H frame increases stability and may be used to assist when inserting the stake into the ground.

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