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  • 2' x 4' Gridwall Panel
    2' x 4' Gridwall Panel

    Are you looking for a product that can maximize your retail space? Greenjet's gridwall panel is your best choice! 2' x 4' grid panel is definitely the most practical display product because it is versatile. You can hang our panel on your wall both vertically and horizontally to enlarge your retail space. In addition, you can make the wire panel a free standing display simply by adding a base or even make it movable by adding casters on it. Both base and caster are sold separately.

  • 2' x 6' Grid Panel Display
    2' x 6' Grid Panel Display

    Grid panel display is known as the most cost-effective display fixtures in the market. Greenjet 2' x 6' panel is the perfect solution for making the most use of your retail space. You can install our gridwall display both vertically or horizontally on the wall to make good use of your spared wall. Besides, our grid panel can turn into a wall decoration by presenting photos on it with your creativity. If you are looking for a standing display with mobility, Greenjet grid panel display can meet your needs as well. You just need to add a base with casters (not included).

  • 8" Gridwall Display Hooks
    8" Gridwall Display Hooks

    Greenjet gridwall display hooks works well with standard wire grid wall and wire grid display. They measure 8 inches in length, providing enough room for display and storage purposes. Our display hooks are designed for small packed goods and most hanging items. 8" display hooks can be adjusted or removed from the panel as needed, thus, if you want to promote your seasonal merchandises or weekly hot sale products, they are the perfect solution.Our gridwall peg hooks are sold in set of 25. They are available in white, black and chrome finish. Made of sturdy wire, these peg hooks feature long-lasting performance. Beautifully finished hooks will incorporate well with other fixtures and your existing décor. Meanwhile, they can greatly increase the visibility of your products and boost the sales.

  • Baseball Cap Gridwall Display Rack
    Baseball Cap Gridwall Display Rack

    Greenjet's baseball cap gridwall display rack is the most convenient ways for you to display your hats. You only need to attach the rear hooks of our cap display rack to your grid panels. It is also a snap to detach our baseball cap rack for new arrangement on your grid displays. When using Greenjet's gridwall display rack, your displayed caps will appear to jump off the wall, making your flagship products to stand out from the rest of merchandises. What's more, it is designed to hold hats or caps securely and keep them organized and accessible.

Result 1 - 4 of 4

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