Exclusively for you! Amazon Early Prime Day Deals | Portable BBQ Rotisserie Motors for Camping | Greenjet

Exclusively for you! Amazon Early Prime Day Deals | Elegant Store Fixtures - Enhance Your Retail Space | Greenjet

Exclusively for you! Amazon Early Prime Day Deals

Mark your calendars! This week, Amazon confirmed that Prime Day 2020 will be held on <font color="Chocolate">10/13-14</font>, and some Early Prime Day Deals are live now.

02 Oct, 2020 Greenjet
Don't worry! Here Greenjet provides the great Early Deal just for you. On Amazon America marketplace, you can save 20% off on Greenjet Headphone Hanger with the code below at checkout.

  • P58S-C4E89Z-C8QQAP
  • P54D-6Q2VSK-6SEAAC
  • P58A-JR6XY4-KDYUA5

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    Metal Clamp-On Under Desk Headphone Hanger - Desk Gaming Headphone Stand Holder,White
    Metal Clamp-On Under Desk Headphone Hanger

    Greenjet's Lightweight Metal Desk Headphone Hanger Mount is tool free under desk clamp, letting you fit Metal Desk Hanger to the table and shelves in seconds,...


    Cube Storage Catalog

    Create A Cube in Multiple Sizes Based on Your Needs.

    Exclusively for you! Amazon Early Prime Day Deals | Customizable Commercial Storage Solutions for Retail | Greenjet

    Located in Taiwan since 2017, Greenjet Co. Ltd has been a manufacturer of homeware, office storage supplies, and outdoor gear. Renowned for their high-quality pine wood products, metal wire shelving, and acrylic home decor, Greenjet seamlessly blends traditional craftsmanship with modern design. They not only provide in-stock homeware and storage but also specialize in OEM & ODM products, such as storage organizers. These items are tailored from various materials like steel, wood, acrylic, and plastic.

    Discover Greenjet Co. Ltd, a leading Taiwanese manufacturer specializing in high-quality household and commercial furniture. Our diverse range includes innovative store display fixtures, outdoor accessories, and versatile storage solutions crafted from premium materials like steel, wood, and acrylic. Ideal for B2B buyers seeking reliable, customizable options, our products are perfect for enhancing any commercial or residential space. With a strong presence on global e-commerce platforms and a commitment to excellence, Greenjet is your go-to source for furniture that combines functionality with style.

    Greenjet has been offering customers stylish and durable homeware, office storage supplies, and outdoor gear, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, Greenjet ensures each customer's demands are met.