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A Multipurpose Kraft Paper Storage Bag

What's your New Year's resolutions? Making your home look fresh and clean?
If your answer is “yes”, have you come up with any practical idea to decorate your house yet?
Greenjet is offering an option here! Our Kraft Paper Storage Bag is simple, durable and functional.
Our Storage Bag is suitable for storing stationery, cosmetics, kids’ toys, flowers and so on.
The Kraft paper material is soft but also durable. What’s more, you can use markers to paint on it.
Therefore, you can design your own storage bags with kids to turn the tired cleaning time into a joyful one!
Greenjet’s Kraft Paper Storage Bag can not only keep your place tidy, but also serve as an ideal decorative product for your home.

26 Apr, 2019 Greenjet

Greenjet's Kraft Paper Storage Bag is multipurpose! You can use it as not only storage bags but also flower pots.
Made of an eco-friendly material, Kraft Paper, our storage bag will automatically break down after you put it into the ground for 2 to 6 months.
You can plant this biodegradable flower pot along with your plant directly into the soil without experiencing the transplant shock and root disturbance!
With three different sizes, you can definitely find the most proper one for your plants!
Let's cultivate an Eco-friendly living style by using biodegradable pots instead of plastic pots!

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A Multipurpose Kraft Paper Storage Bag | Customizable Commercial Storage Solutions for Retail | Greenjet

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