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  • 14" x 14" Mini Metal Grid
    14" x 14" Mini Metal Grid

    Greenjet mini metal grid perfectly serves as a notice board for many items you would like to hang on the wall such as your family photos, festival string lights and important memos. The metal wall grid can also be assembled as a cube set for ideally displaying merchandise in the retail stores. #30051 Mini Grid Cube Connector, which is not included in this set, makes it easy and quick to interlock and form the metal grid panels into cubes. This set contains ten metal grid panels, which measures 14" x 14". Greenjet mini metal grid can be configured and stacked to suit your products and storage space. It is one of the best ways to show off all types of merchandise. In addition, the open wire design of our metal grid panels not only reduces dust accumulation but also enhances visibility. The cubes, formed by the metal wall grid, will keep your items look neat and organized to attract customers' attention from all directions in your store.

  • Wire Cube Plastic Connectors
    Wire Cube Plastic Connectors

    Expand your wire cube storage organizer with Greenjet wire cube plastic connectors. Sold as 10 per pack, our wire cube connectors are molded in black color to match our #30010 Square Wire Grid. Each of the cube connectors has eight slots, allowing for quick and secure installation of the grid unit. The wire cube shelving connectors are perfect for replacing lost or broken parts. If you can't build your ideal storage organization, because lacking one or two plastic fittings, then this pack can help you out.

  • Mini Grid Cube Connector
    Mini Grid Cube Connector

    Replace the lost or broken part in your cube sets with Greenjet mini grid cube connector. Our mini grid connector is sold in a pack of 10. Eight slots allow for endless options when assembling or rearranging your cube storage system. This pack of grid cube connectors fit most standard wire grids. With the set of the plastic grid connector, you can assemble cubes in a snap and create a storage system that perfectly accommodates your items and fits in your space. The identical white finish makes this pack of plastic joint match #30011 Mini Metal Grid.

Result 1 - 3 of 3

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