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  • Campfire S'mores Grill Basket
    Campfire S'mores Grill Basket

    No more mess! Prepare the popular campfire treat with Greenjet S'mores grill basket safely and effortlessly. Put ingredients like crackers, chocolate, marshmallow and anything you would like to add to your s'mores in this campfire s'mores basket. The locking ring design can prevent food from dropping into the fire while toasting. The campfire s'mores basket is made of durable chrome finished wire, which is designed for use over the fire. Bring our grill basket along on your next outdoor adventures to enjoy the fun and deliciousness of S'mores. Greenjet smores kit makes it easy to warm the graham crackers and melt the marshmallow as well as chocolate. Designed as an open fire cooking tool, its long handle helps people stand in a proper distance from the heat while its grill grate with delicious desserts are roasted over the fire.

  • Collapsible Water Storage Container
    Collapsible Water Storage Container

    Greenjet plastic collapsible water storage container is an essential gear when you are venturing into the woods or hiking in the mountains. Durably made of food-grade LDPE, our collapsible storage container can store up to 2 gallon water, ensuring enough water supply for drinking. Its spigot design not only controls the speed of the flow, but also prevents any leak during transportation. The on/off spigot is removable for quick filling. Our water storage container is built with a handle, thus you can effortlessly carry water from one place to another.

  • Battery Operated Rotisserie Grill Motor
    Battery Operated Rotisserie Grill Motor

    Greenjet battery operated rotisserie motor is ideal for cooking a variety of meats. Featuring flexible cordless operation, you can grill the food wherever you would like to enjoy the night. Depending on the loads and batteries, the RPM of this rotisserie motor is 2.4 - 2.8, which is suitable for roasting a cut of pork, thickly sliced steak, a large portion of lamb and whole chicken. Our battery-operated motor is compatible with 5/16'' square spit rods and 3'' mounting bracket. This battery powered rotisserie motor runs 2 D-cell batteries (not included). Working with your existing rotisserie accessories, the spit motor can deal with the exhausting grilling task for you. It fits 5/16'' square spit rods and 3'' mounting bracket. If you're not sure whether our motor fits your rotisserie accessories, please let us know anytime. We're happy to help you out.

Result 1 - 3 of 3

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