Triangle Shaped Wood Folding Side Table

Wire Cube Organizer

Wire Cube Organizer

Utilize Greenjet wire cube storage organizer to create extra storage and keep your room tidy.

2' x 4' Gridwall Panel

2' x 4' Gridwall Panel

Are you looking for a product that can maximize your retail space? Greenjet's gridwall panel is your best choice!


Triangle Shaped Wood Folding Side Table | Over 30 Years Steel Wire, Steel Plate, Wood, Acrylic & Plastic Homeware & Furniture Fixtures Manufacturer - Greenjet

Located in Taiwan since 2017, Greenjet Co. Ltd is a professional supplier of Triangle Shaped Wood Folding Side Table. Main products, including Home Furniture, Folding Side Table, Rolling Cart, Wire Cube Organizer, Store Fixtures, Gridwall Display, Plastic Mannequin, Camping Gear and Collapsible Water Carrier.

Steel wire and steel plate made rolling carts, grid panels and wire cube organizers designed with innovation to meet the trend of home furniture. Offering different types of folding side tables, grid panels, grid hooks and wire wall grids. At Greenjet, you can not only find a variety of Home Storage System, Store Supplies and Outdoor Gear in stock, but also tailor products to your specific needs. For off-the-shelf products, we take timely service and customers' satisfaction as top priority.

Greenjet has been offering customers high-quality homeware and furniture fixtures, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, Greenjet ensures each customer's demands are met.

Triangle Shaped Wood Folding Side Table


Triangular Coffee End Table, Small Lap Bed Tray

Triangle shaped wooden side table with foldable hairpin legs
Triangle shaped wooden side table with foldable hairpin legs

Greenjet coffee table can be folded flat, making it easier to store in a small space. It also does not require assembly, and the folding design makes it very convenient to carry it anywhere. If you need to keep the table lamp at your bedside during the night or keep your glass of wine close by a sofa while reading a book, Greenjet folding side table is your best choice!

Go to picnic or beach with practical Greenjet Folding End Table.

As a chic and practical foldable side table, it's an excellent platform to provide enough space for displaying your favorite plants, family photos, lovely decorations, books, cups, cell phone, remote control or anything you would like to free from your hands and keep your room organized.

Greenjet wood lap side table differs from other end tables on the unique triangular shape, allowing up to 3 people to discuss group work together at once. It's perfect for indoor as living room, dining room, sitting room, and bedroom; outdoor as park, beach and yard. Children can eat some snacks or play a fun game on this small side table. You can also use a laptop while comfortably sitting on the bed, and even take it to the picnic.
It has so many usages, so everyone should own one in your home!

Steel hairpin legs of Greenjet Wood Side Table provide enough support and stability.

Its small size can fit the small apartment or cramped house. It's 14-11/16" high in use and only 2-3/8" high after folding legs. It folds flat to make it more convenient to store in a tiny space such as under the couch or lay against the wall. Besides, it's no need to assemble and the foldable design makes it very convenient to bring anywhere.

Tabletop is made of solid MDF material and finished with PVC Veneer, making the tabletop smooth and easy to clean. What's more, the foldable hairpin legs are made of steel to provide enough support and stability, so it's more durable and not easily damaged. The round corner can also reduce accidents, so it's a suitable small play table for toddlers.

Greenjet is Your Best Choice.

Greenjet's products are sold worldwide. We are a professional homeware supplier to offer you from small purchases to bulk purchases. We not only provide customize-designed service but also provide fast shipping. It only takes 2 days to arrange the delivery after confirming the order.

  • 【Shipping Information】: We use air / ocean freight shipment or express delivery services to deliver your products.
  • 【Payment Terms】: Our main payment method is TT and Paypal. If you have any specific requirements for the payment method, feel free to contact us.
  • Beveled wood texture tabletop creates a better appearance in your living space. Its stylish design is compatible well with any decor of your room and makes a perfect combination with other furniture accessories.


    • 【Small & Portable Design】Compacted size and lightweight make it easier to carry and move everywhere.
    • 【Folding & No Assembly】Can be folded to save place and no assembly required, just unfold the legs of this side table within seconds.
    • 【Walnut Finish & Strong Metal Legs】Steel legs offer a sturdy construction while the simulated walnut vacuum veneer adds warm tones to the room, and loading capacity is up to 20 lbs.
    • 【Multipurpose】Can be used for coffee table, dining table, telephone table, plant stand, nightstand, children reading/writing table.
    • 【Minimalist Style】Smooth surface of the wood grain finish adds a classic touch, and easily blends in any modern room.


    • 【Color】: Dark Brown, Black
    • 【Size】: 19.3"L x 18"W x 14.4"H / 49.1 x 45.8 x 36.5 cm
    • 【Weight】: 7.9 lbs / 3.6 kg
    • 【Material】: Tabletop - MDF / Base - Steel
    • 【Surface Treatment】: Tabletop - PVC Veneer / Base - Powder Coating
    • 【Country of Origin】: Taiwan
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    A cup of coffee and a laptop on Greenjet's Side Table are my whole world, I can spend lots of time beside Greenjet's Side Table with a cup of coffee and a laptop on it.

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