Battery Operated Rotisserie Grill Motor

Wire Cube Organizer

Wire Cube Organizer

Utilize Greenjet wire cube storage organizer to create extra storage and keep your room tidy.

2' x 4' Gridwall Panel

2' x 4' Gridwall Panel

Are you looking for a product that can maximize your retail space? Greenjet's gridwall panel is your best choice!


30 Years Battery Operated Rotisserie Grill Motor | Homeware and Furniture Fixture Supplies | Greenjet

Located in Taiwan, Greenjet Co. Ltd, since 2017, is Battery Operated Rotisserie Grill Motor | homeware and furniture fixture design and manufacturer using materials, including steel wire, steel plate, wood, acrylic and plastic for over 30 years.

Steel wire and steel plate made rolling carts, grid panels and wire cube organizers designed with innovation to meet the trend of home furniture. Offering different types of folding side tables, grid panels, grid hooks and wire wall grids. At Greenjet, you can not only find a variety of Home Storage System, Store Supplies and Outdoor Gear in stock, but also tailor products to your specific needs. For off-the-shelf products, we take timely service and customers' satisfaction as top priority.

Greenjet has been offering customers high-quality homeware and furniture fixtures, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, Greenjet ensures each customer's demands are met.

Battery Operated Rotisserie Grill Motor


Battery Powered Rotisserie Motor, Electric Spit BBQ Motor

Battery Operated Rotisserie Motor
Battery Operated Rotisserie Motor

Greenjet battery operated rotisserie motor is ideal for cooking a variety of meats. Featuring flexible cordless operation, you can grill the food wherever you would like to enjoy the night. Depending on the loads and batteries, the RPM of this rotisserie motor is 2.4 - 2.8, which is suitable for roasting a cut of pork, thickly sliced steak, a large portion of lamb and whole chicken. Our battery-operated motor is compatible with 5/16'' square spit rods and 3'' mounting bracket.

This battery powered rotisserie motor runs 2 D-cell batteries (not included). Working with your existing rotisserie accessories, the spit motor can deal with the exhausting grilling task for you. It fits 5/16'' square spit rods and 3'' mounting bracket. If you're not sure whether our motor fits your rotisserie accessories, please let us know anytime. We're happy to help you out.

Greenjet is your reliable partner.

Greenjet's products are sold worldwide. We not only provide customize-designed service but also provide fast shipping. It only takes 2 days to arrange the delivery after confirming the order.
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  • Our battery-operated rotisserie motor is a must-have tool for preparing your family feast or summer grilling party.
  • Our battery rotisserie motor eliminates the need for electric cords and provides smooth, cordless operation.
  • Our battery-powered motor can hold up to 3 - 4 kilograms. It allows for roasting small or medium size food.
  • The spit motor-operated on 2 D-cell batteries (not included).
  • This item is available on Amazon(AU), and you can check it on the shop page.


  • 【Color】: Black
  • 【Material】: Metal
  • 【Rate】: DC 3.0 V, 300 mA, 1.7 W
  • 【Torque】: 30000 gf CM
  • 【RPM】: 2.5 to 3.0
  • 【Country of Origin】: China
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