Service Process

Greenjet Service Process

Service Process

Greenjet Service Process
Greenjet Service Process

If you are interested in our products, please send us inquiries about demand, color (if applicable), delivery address, and express account number (if applicable).
After confirming the inquiry details, we will further evaluate the quotation. You are welcome to download our leaflet on the product page.

At Greenjet, you can not only find a variety of Home Storage System, Store Supplies and Outdoor Gear in stock, but also tailor products to your specific needs. For off-the-shelf products, we take timely service and customers' satisfaction as the top priority. Efficiently dealing with each inquiry, orders, and outstanding issues is our commitment. We are dedicated to problem-solving, take your concerns in our minds, and consider every customer's success as our success.

Minimum Order Quantity, MOQ

We retail our off-the-shelf products; however, due to different materials, manufacturing processes or customized products, there will be a Minimum Order Quantity. Our biggest advantage is to provide a small amount of purchase, if you have a large amount of purchase needs, we can also provide you with a competitive wholesale price.

Customized Product

  • If you have an initial concept for your product, we can still provide you with initial drawing and a viable production proposal based on your requirements. Welcome to share your new ideas.
  • If you have the drawing for customized products or would like to confirm the style before the mass production, it's our pleasure to make a prototype. We will offer suggestions for potential improvement, costs, assembly/packing process, and logistics way so that you are able to evaluate in detail.
  • Inquiry

    After confirming the products you're interested or have any questions, you can send an inquiry to us directly below the Product or Contact Us page. Before that, if you are a buyer in small quantities, you can also check our SHOP page first to see if it's available in the store and your country.


    Our main payment method is TT and Paypal. If you have any specific requirements for the payment method, feel free to contact us. After receiving your payment, we will arrange the shipment immediately.


    We use air / ocean freight shipment or express delivery services to deliver your products. Generally, we need around 1-2 days to arrange the delivery after confirming the order with you. After we have sent your products, you can track your order via the courier number provided in the email.

    After Service

    We do carefully pack every product to ensure their safety on the way, as we see positive consumer experience as the top priority. However, if you found any broken parts or defect on our product, please contact us right away. The picture and receipt for the damaged item are required to evaluate the refund.

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