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The Most Thoughtful Headphone Hanger Clamp

Don't know how to choose your own headphone hanger? Let Greentjet tell you!

03 Dec, 2019 Greenjet

We have organized 4-types hanger clamp for you below.

Stand type - It's the easiest way to settle, but it also occupies the space on the table.

Adhesive type - It requires adhesive to attach to the surface and may leave residual glue. Not suitable for use on wet, greasy or dusty surfaces or on walls with wallpaper.

Screw type - It is mounted with screws that are not suitable for Lazy Bones. What's more, it needs to drill holes that can cause damage to the surface permanently.

Last one is Greenjet Desk Headphone Hanger Clamp. This size is small, so it won't take up much space. There also has non-woven cloth inside that can protect desk from scratch. No tool needed, it has thumbscrews to fit on desks of different thickness, and it doesn't need to drill any hole. This adjustable design is very thoughtful to our customers.

G+ Life Metal Desk Headphone Hanger Mount - Desk Gaming Headphone Stand Holder,White
G+ Life Metal Desk Headphone Hanger Mount

If your desk is messy or you always cannot find the right stuff on the table, Greenjet Headphone Mount can definitely help you. This under-desk design...


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