The Final Sale of Greenjet in Summer

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The Final Sale of Greenjet in Summer

2020/08/31 Greenjet

Greenjet Headphone Hanger Sale on Back to School Season

University students have returned to campus in recent weeks. Some schools require to wear a mask on campus. So where do you store your mask?
Don't worry! Greenjet Desk Headphone Hanger can be used to hang not only headphone but also mask! It is definitely a Back to School essential item this year.
Greenjet Noodle Strainer Basket Sale on Labor Day
What are you going to do on Labor Day weekend? Well, this will be your last chance to attend summer activities this year, so you'd better make it memorable! This summer, how many plans have you fulfilled with the checklist of Greenjet?
Grilling & BBQ ⟡ Noodle Strainer Basket ⟡ Pasta is also required at the bonfire; food-grade stainless steel 304 features guaranteed quality and durable construction.
Road Trip ⟡ 3 Tier Folding Wood Stand ⟡ We all need to rest during a long trip; just unfold it, put some teacup on it, hang your hat on the stick, and enjoy the view.
Hiking ⟡ Wood Folding Table ⟡ You can have a picnic in the mountain after unfolding it quickly.
Camping ⟡ Collapsible Water Container ⟡ Provide an easy way for water storage and carriage when venturing into the woods and mountains.

If you haven't completed the above list, do it this weekend! Have a nice weekend! Check Amazon (US) on shop page.
  • G+ Life Metal Desk Headphone Hanger Mount - Desk Gaming Headphone Stand Holder,White
    G+ Life Metal Desk Headphone Hanger Mount

    If your desk is messy or you always cannot find the right stuff on the table, Greenjet Headphone Mount can definitely help you. This under-desk design can help you reduce the clutter on the desktop to make the table neater. It makes full use of the vertical space and easy to reach your stuff.

  • G+ Life Kitchen Noodle Strainer Basket with Wood Handle - Noodle Strainer Basket with Wood Handle
    G+ Life Kitchen Noodle Strainer Basket with Wood Handle

    Greenjet mesh strainer basket is designed for rinsing, straining, sifting, steaming, blanching, washing, par boiling, reheating, and even deep-frying. It is an essential kitchen tool for preparing Asian food like Japanese ramen, soba, udon, Vietnamese noodle, Chinese dumpling and hot pot.

  • 3 Tier Folding Wood Plant Stand - 3 Tier Folding Wood Plant Stand
    3 Tier Folding Wood Plant Stand

    Greenjet 3 tier pine flower rack is made from natural pine, and it has a durable construction. Also, its fine wood texture is a perfect match for all plants. The hollow-out design of the slatted panels ensures good light, water drainage, and ventilation, which is good for plant growth. The space between 3 panels has 2 different heights, so it provides ample room for potted plants of different heights. This flower storage holder helps you to place plants vertically to maximize space use.

  • Triangle Shaped Wood Folding Side Table - Triangle shaped wooden side table with foldable hairpin legs
    Triangle Shaped Wood Folding Side Table

    Greenjet coffee table can be folded flat, making it easier to store in a small space. It also does not require assembly, and the folding design makes it very convenient to carry it anywhere. If you need to keep the table lamp at your bedside during the night or keep your glass of wine close by a sofa while reading a book, Greenjet folding side table is your best choice! As a chic and practical foldable side table, it's an excellent platform to provide enough space for displaying your favorite plants, family photos, lovely decorations, books, cups, cell phone, remote control or anything you would like to free from your hands and keep your room organized. Greenjet wood lap side table differs from other end tables on the unique triangular shape, allowing up to 3 people to discuss group work together at once. It's perfect for indoor as living room, dining room, sitting room, and bedroom; outdoor as park, beach and yard. Children can eat some snacks or play a fun game on this small side table. You can also use a laptop while comfortably sitting on the bed, and even take it to the picnic. It has so many usages, so everyone should own one in your home!

  • Collapsible Water Storage Container - Plastic Collapsible Water Container
    Collapsible Water Storage Container

    Greenjet plastic collapsible water storage container is an essential gear when you are venturing into the woods or hiking in the mountains. Durably made of food-grade LDPE, our collapsible storage container can store up to 2 gallon water, ensuring enough water supply for drinking. Its spigot design not only controls the speed of the flow, but also prevents any leak during transportation. The on/off spigot is removable for quick filling. Our water storage container is built with a handle, thus you can effortlessly carry water from one place to another.

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