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Some Ideas for Halloween - 3 Tier Rolling Storage Cart

Every Halloween, parents will buy candy, special clothing, props, and decorations for their children, but they don’t know how to store these added items. Greenjet’s 3 Tier Rolling Cart is a good option! It is multipurpose furniture to make you more convenient for holiday. You can classify your items in each space. It's easy to group up, and it can be either pushed or fixed.Don't know how to decorate the doorway when children come to your house and say “Trick or Treat”? We can give you some advice! The first layer – You can put pumpkin lanterns and hang some lightbulb to add horrible atmosphere. The second layer – Put all kinds of candies and chocolate. The third layer – Maybe you can put some scary fake spiders, cobweb and other decorations.Isn’t there enough space on the desktop? We recommend a cart that is more convenient to move! Greenjet’s 3 Tier Rolling Cart has plenty of space for you to store all the treats and beverage for the party. When welcoming all your guests, you can show up with a rolling cart filled with food to surprise them. What’s more, you can also decorate it according to your needs.

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09Oct 2019
Halloween Sale Is Coming - 3 Tier Rolling Storage Cart

Have you had a problem with preparing for Halloween? We bought a lot of new items for Halloween every year. However, do you know how to store them when the holiday is ending? One of our hottest products is Greenjet's 3 Tier Rolling Cart. It has plenty of space for you to store all the things you want. What's more, it is very easy to assemble and install! Greenjet has discounts (up to 30% off) on many of our products for this holiday. There are different promotions at each phase, so keep eye on our Facebook and Amazon, and you can get the latest news. Do not miss it!

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