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26Apr 2019
A Multipurpose Kraft Paper Storage Bag

What’s your New Year’s resolutions? Making your home look fresh and clean? If your answer is “yes”, have you come up with any practical idea to decorate your house yet? Greenjet is offering an option here! Our Kraft Paper Storage Bag is simple, durable and functional. Our Storage Bag is suitable for storing stationery, cosmetics, kids’ toys, flowers and so on. The Kraft paper material is soft but also durable. What’s more, you can use markers to paint on it. Therefore, you can design your own storage bags with kids to turn the tired cleaning time into a joyful one! Greenjet’s Kraft Paper Storage Bag can not only keep your place tidy, but also serve as an ideal decorative product for your home.

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27Mar 2019
Crazy April Fools’ Day

How do you celebrate your April Fools’ Day? People in America may play pranks on their friends, and say ”April fool” to the unfortunate victims.How do #Greenjet celebrate April Fools’ Day? We just give you a Crazy discount on our Amazon shop. Every item is up to 50 % offDon’t hesitate ! Please click the link,And you will start a crazy journey.

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11Mar 2019
Protecting your lovely pet’s neck- Pet Raised Bowl Stand Feeder

Greenjet’s Pet Raised Bowl Stand Feeder Meet Greenjet’s cat boss “Odie”! Odie is quite depressed and can’t sleep well recently because of NECK PAIN! Why does he have sore neck? After talking to Odie, we found the key point is about “Eating”. While eating and drinking, Odie must bend his neck because the bowl is on the floor and too far away from his mouth. Long-term unhealthy posture causes a big problem for him. To help Odie recover his health, we start the design of the Pet Raised Bowl Stand Feeder.Major elements for the product: -Protect pet’s neck. -Prevent pets from chocking. -With anti-slip pad at the bottom. -Smooth surface and easy to clean. -Durable and solid. -Made of plywood. -No-poison lacquer

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06Mar 2019
Our Fan Page

Greenjet has dedicated to provide great services to our customers. We not only want them to feel satisfied with our products, but also to establish effective communication with us. Thus, we have set up a Facebook page for people from all over the world to see our latest posts and to contact us more easily.We sincerely invite you to like our Facebook Page, where you can catch up with Greenjet’s latest promotions on our online shops, see more products information, bust most importantly, interact with us!Hope to see you on Greenjet’s Facebook pages. Facebook page for English users -> Please search : Greenjet Co. Ltd. Facebook page for Chinese users -> Please search : Greenjet 霖江

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11Jan 2019
A Better Way to Save Your Chaotic Life - 3 Tier Rolling Cart

Bringing shelves home can somewhat save your chaotic life, but moving those heavy and dull shelves may cause another problem. Don't worry! Greenjet's 3 Tier Rolling Cart can help you out.Greenjet's 3 Tier Rolling Cart can not only fit in various places, such as kitchen, bathroom and laundry room but also incorporate well with other furniture, with its slimline frame and beautiful finish. The four casters give the cart mobility, allowing you to move the cart effortlessly. Easy to setup is the most outstanding advantage of Greenjet's rolling cart. It is also a snap to disassemble on your own. Watch the below video for further details about assembly.Greenjet's 3 tier rolling cart will be a great solution to your storage problem. No worry about moving anymore!

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