G+ Life Ceramic Serving Bowl

Ceramic Kitchenaid Bowl, Small Porcelain Soup Bowl / Established by ten enthusiastic and innovative people who dream of promoting Taiwan to the world, Greenjet devoted ourselves to products and ideas that bring life easier and convenient.

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G+ Life Ceramic Serving Bowl | Greenjet - We are a professional supplier of household and commercial furniture.

Located in Taiwan since 2017, Greenjet Co. Ltd is a professional supplier of G+ Life Ceramic Serving Bowl. Main products, including Home Furniture, Folding Side Table, Rolling Cart, Wire Cube Organizer, Store Fixtures, Gridwall Display, Plastic Mannequin, Camping Gear and Collapsible Water Carrier.

A group of people, who specialize in turning problems into ideas, established Greenjet . By providing styling home furniture, affordable display fixtures and practical outdoor goods, they commit themselves to intelligent solutions for improving customers' life.

Greenjet has been offering customers high-quality homeware and furniture fixtures, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, Greenjet ensures each customer's demands are met.

Ceramic Kitchenaid Bowl, Small Porcelain Soup Bowl|Furniture & Homeware Manufacturer

G+ Life Ceramic Serving Bowl


Ceramic Kitchenaid Bowl, Small Porcelain Soup Bowl

Ceramic Serving Bowl
Ceramic Serving Bowl

Greenjet Small Ceramic Serving Bowl is an essential addition to your kitchen! It's great for placing a small dish like snacks, cereal, fruit, rice, noodle, soup, and so on. It is perfect for those who have always had no appetite or feel bored during meals.

Greenjet Small Porcelain Bowl Is An Essential Addition To Your Kitchen

With its simple shape and design, Greenjet Small Bowl can add a little fun to your life. It's also suitable for children because there are cute animal palm patterns at the bottom of the bowl. You can encourage your children to eat up all meals, so they can see the design!

Greenjet Ceramic Serving Bowl Is Made From Yingge Taiwan

The bowl is crafted with durable porcelain. It is made from Yingge Taiwan, which is known for its pottery. The history of pottery craft has lasted for over 200 years and is a major pottery township throughout the country. It is also safe for use in a microwave oven, freezer and dishwasher, so this product is very reassuring and trusting.

Greenjet is Your Best Choice.

Greenjet's products are sold worldwide. We are a professional homeware supplier to offer you from small purchases to bulk purchases. We not only provide customize-designed service but also provide fast shipping. It only takes 2 days to arrange the delivery after confirming the order.

  • 【Shipping Information】: We use air / ocean freight shipment or express delivery services to deliver your products.
  • 【Payment Terms】: Our main payment method is TT and Paypal. If you have any specific requirements for the payment method, feel free to contact us.
  • Features

    • 【Perfect Size】suitable for placing a small dish like rice, noodle, soup, cereal or anything you can think of.
    • 【Safe Material】made of porcelain, so it's safe for use in a microwave oven, freezer and dishwasher.
    • 【Kitchen Essentials】a great housewarming gift when your friends and family are about to move.
    • 【Great Pet Gift】If you have dogs or cats, you can use along with our Greenjet Raised Pet Feeder.


    • 【Color】: Cream White
    • 【Size】: 5"W x 5"D x 1-3/4"H
    • 【Weight】: 0.72 pounds / 0.3 kg
    • 【Material】: Porcelain
    • 【Country of Origin】: Taiwan


    • Do not use an iron brush or other hard material to clean the porcelain bowl to prevent the surface of it from being scratched.
    • If there is a crack in the bowl, it's recommended not to continue to use it to avoid bacterial growth.
    • This item is available on Amazon(US), and you can check it on the shop page.
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